Found 5 Safety & Emergency Services One off - an event, volunteering opportunities in Australia

List Map
  1. Psychological First Aid & Emotional Spiritual Care provider - Emergency & Crisis

    Provide Psychological First Aid to individuals and communities affected by Emergency and disaster events. Provide a listening ear and compassionate care to assist them to recover from the trauma they have been though.

    Emergency Response
    One off - an event
    Victoria VIC
  2. Spontaneous Emergency & Recovery Volunteer

    Register to become a Spontaneous Emergency & Recovery Volunteer in the event of an emergency South Australia

    Emergency Response
    One off - an event
    Across: Adelaide SA, Adelaide SA
  3. Charity Ride First Aid Volunteer 2024

    We are looking for first aid volunteers to assist in the running of our charity bike ride. The Pipeline Challenge raises funds for youth homelessness. The role requires volunteer to administer first Aid care of riders and volunteers throughout the 5 day event. Volunteers must be medically trained as nurse, doctor or paramedic.

    Young People
    One off - an event
    Joondalup WA
  4. Spontaneous / Short-Term / Emergency Volunteering in Esperance

    Wanting to volunteer but don't have the time to consistently commit? Express an interest in this role to be added to the Spontaneous / Short-Term / Emergency Volunteering mailing list, and be kept updated of sporadic volunteering opportunities as they pop up.

    Community Services
    One off - an event
    Esperance WA
  5. First Aid

    Intermediate Emergency Care Provider Being the person or persons to respond to any medical/first aid needs off and on the track during a race meeting. These race meetings are held during the weekend. Some are two day events.

    One off - an event
    Highclere TAS