Found 2 Sport & Physical Activity One off - a few hours, volunteering opportunities in Australia

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  1. Motocross Racing Flag Marshalls

    We are on the look out for volunteers to help keep our riders safe during our race events. As a flag marshall, you will be asked to keep an eye on any fallen riders or hazards that may present themselves on the track during a race and wave a flag to alert the coming riders that there is a hazard present and to ride with caution.

    One off - a few hours
    Byford WA
  2. Gate Entry positions - Brisbane City FC

    Brisbane City FC are looking for volunteers for their home matches to man the ticket booth on the entry gate, a car park attendant, and someone raising funds for charity. This is all dependant on when the First team has a home match. Come and be part of the great atmosphere the club provides on match day.

    Any Duration
    Newmarket QLD