Found 2 One off - a few hours volunteering opportunities in Adelaide City

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  1. Digital Mentor Training

    Digital Mentoring is a free course that enables you to better support people in taking their first steps to using computers and the internet. You'll learn about the language and techniques needed to support someone, and the possible barriers that people who are new to the internet can experience. Upon completion of this programme, you will be able to say with confidence that you can help overcome digital barriers and assist those hesitant to approach the internet.

    Mentoring & Advocacy
    One off - a few hours
  2. E-commerce & affiliate marketing consultant

    Clean Up Australia is looking for an experienced e-commerce consultant to provide expert advice and guidance on the development and execution of an affiliate marketing strategy. This is a unique opportunity to play a critical role in rolling out a strategic e-commerce initiative and creating an affiliate marketing channel for Australia’s leading environmental charity.

    Environment & Conservation
    One off - a few hours