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Broome Community Information Resource Centre and Learning Exchange (Broome CIRCLE) is a not for profit community organisation. Our development mission is to offer a welcoming and safe environment where Broome families, individuals and community groups can find support, networks, training and resources to empower them to achieve their goals, whilst making valuable contributions to the Broome community.

Our organisation identifies community needs and creates programs that fulfill these needs. Examples include: Family Support Service, Financial Counselling, Crèche Facilities, Kimberley Money Management Service, Adult Learning Activities, Children & Learning Activities and the Broome Volunteer Resource Service.

Broome CIRCLE embraces the vision of a balanced, functional and cohesive Broome community, supported by the values of social justice and harmonious cultural diversity. Broome CIRCLE is inclusive and sensitive to the needs of people in our community. Our service targets indigenous people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, new immigrants, the elderly and disabled and isolated and women and children.


27 Frederick Street (Corner Weld Street)
Broome WA 6725

Local VRC: Broome Volunteer Resource Service