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About Dinosaur Coast Management Group

The Dinosaur Coast Management Group Inc. (DCMG) was established in 2015. It is a Broome based volunteer organisation formed to protect and promote the dinosaur tracks of the Dampier Peninsula and to educate the public about their cultural and scientific importance.

The DCMG Committee has adopted a three staged approach to improve how we promote and educate the community and visitors about the Dinosaur Coast:

Stage 1 is an eclectic mix of new technology and more orthodox initiatives to bring the Dinosaur Coast story ‘alive’. We want to have to-scale 3D images of the actual trackmakers. We also want to have casts of actual tracks both for display and use when we have in-school visits. Dinosaur enthusiasts want to know more about who made the tracks they see, a Dinosaur Tracker accessible through hand held devices will bring the trackmakers alive. As the interest from local schools increases it is important our school excursions and in-school visits contain activities that are linked to the curriculum and are pedagogically sound. Finally, of course, we would like to purchase much needed equipment and furniture.

Stage 2 – We want to strengthen the educational links by creating pedagogically sound material suitable for all primary school levels and ensure people who are blind, deaf or have physical disabilities can enjoy the Dinosaur story and experience. If possible enable dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages to ‘walk with the dinosaurs’ using Virtual Reality. And, we want to develop a Dinosaur Coast Management Plan and also plan for a ‘Dinosaur Trail’ so people could take a self-guided tour of specific sites.

Stage 3 - Would be about working with key stakeholders to establish a Dinosaur Interpretive Centre and associated research laboratory (room) for use by scientists, schools and where the community and visitors could actively engage in palaeontology, a Centre of Excellence.


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