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OneBigVoice is an annual choral festival held in Perth, WA, for primary school students. It is organised by a group of dedicated volunteers who are like-minded in their love of music, are passionate about providing musical performance opportunities and share a mission to have as many children singing positive and life-affirming songs as possible.
Each year the event makes a difference in the lives of all the participants. OneBigVoice supports and enriches the development of a positive self-identity and provides opportunities for confidence building, motivation, and a sense of belonging; it enhances creative, social, and emotional skills. It assists with mental health and wellbeing and builds musical confidence in teachers and students alike. A significant focus of OneBigVoice is our repertoire; the song choices reflect our mission with their meaningful, positive and life-affirming lyrics.
OneBigVoice allows students to participate in a non-competitive massed choir and experience the pure joy of singing and music. It has captivated schools, teachers, local communities, and audiences, and for the students participating, it is a highlight of their school year and something they will never forget! Each year OneBigVoice has two performances, a matinee, and an evening show on concert day, with up to 4000 students per performance. It also provides an opportunity for young talent by showcasing up and coming stars in our pre-concert entertainment.
OneBigVoice is a big musical family, and teachers, children, and parents treat each other as such. We help and support one another instead of being competitive. Everyone involved in OneBigVoice works as a team to prepare the students for the performance of their life.
The cancellation of OneBigVoice 2020 due to Covid 19 sparked the development of new ideas and resources. These include our EasyTeach Powerpoints, work packages for our songs, Homeschool Music Ed. classes, Studio Choir and Own Venue Packages and Classroom Package enabling more schools and young people to be involved with our program.
There are many opportunities for volunteering at OneBigVoice throughout the year, whether it is assisting in production, administrative work or helping at the concerts; there are ways of participating for everyone.


7 Brahe Place, Padbury WA 6025
Perth WA 6000

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