Waterdale Theatre Inc

Ivanhoe North, VIC Arts & Culture

About Waterdale Theatre Inc

Waterdale is a not for profit, volunteer based organisation that provides opportunities for youth and young adults to develop skills through all aspects of theatre and production in a supportive and accessible environment. Waterdale’s performance based projects have included full-scale music theatre works, original short plays, concert performances, showcase events, in school performances and specially commissioned community based and issues based performances.

Waterdale is recognised and respected in the community for its youth involvement programs and is continually looking to increase its capacity to offer opportunities for young people. If Waterdale could do something to help your community, contact us!

Waterdale is a not-for-profit incorporated association with tax deductible gift recipient status and is run by a committee of voluntary members.


PO Box 3085
Ivanhoe North VIC 3079

Local VRC: GoVolunteer