Swell Centre

Hawthorn, VIC Mental Health

About Swell Centre

SWell is a safe, inclusive, restorative spiritual community
supporting holistic healing and personal growth for wellbeing.
SWell draws people to the well of living water for spiritual awakening, transformation and abundance and differentiates between spirituality and religion.
The SWell community supports your healing and spiritual formation through individual consultations, classes, workshops and gatherings. We curate companionship on your life journey, connection beyond yourself and an inclusive space for surrender, rest and belonging. At the SWell Centre, we know wellbeing emerges when you have a balance of resources to meet the challenges of daily living. We will hold care of your soul as central to the healing and growth of your spirit, body and mind so love, empowerment and compassion will abound. You will develop clarity of purpose, identity and interior freedom as you live out your life to the full.
We are supported by Habitat Uniting Church who seek to grow in grace, nurture community and make a positive difference in the world. By contributing to the growing spirituality and wellbeing movement and meeting the fundamental human need for spiritual nourishment.


2 Minona St
Hawthorn VIC 3122

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