Leg Club

Kingston, TAS Health

About Leg Club

I am seeking volunteers to support a ‘Leg Club’ that I hope will commence early 2020 at the Community Health Centre in Kingston. Leg Clubs are a social event to be accessed by anyone with leg ulcers (current/healed) and the model that we wish to follow highlights that a volunteers crew are central to that success. The Eastern Shore Community Health Centre has a similar ‘Leg Club’ that has been operating successfully for a number of years. Clarence Auxiliary Volunteers support this service.

Essentially the leg club operates one day a week for 3-4 hrs and the volunteer role would be one of ‘meet and greet’ and provision of tea & coffee etc. Two volunteers each Tuesday afternoon would be ideal for this role.


6 Goshawk Way
Kingston TAS 7050

Local VRC: Volunteering Tasmania