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Grant Writer and Facilitator

Environment & Conservation Regular - less than 6 months Anywhere

About this opportunity

Oceans’ Harmony acknowledges First Nations People as the first people of the land.

We are committed to the implementation of practical actions to overcome the social, economic and educational inequities experienced by First Nations People and Torres Strait Islanders Oceans are over 71% of our planet’s surface. To preserve and balance the health of this planet we call “Earth” we must all dedicate our efforts to the preservation of the oceans and the balance of life within them. The need to do so is fundamental to the continuation of all life on Earth as we know it.

Oceans’ Harmony is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to maintaining, improving and conserving the oceans and seas of the world. Oceans’ Harmony is driven by a dedicated group of professionals who devote their time to growing this beautiful and compassionate global family. Their goal is to build a major force in the conservation of the fauna and flora within the oceans and seas themselves.

As a member of the Oceans' Harmony Executive Team, you will be researching and identifying various types of grants to allow Oceans' Harmony to continue their most important environmental activities.

As a grants volunteer you will have had experience in researching, identifying, and implementing the necessary task to carry out the above. You will be directly working with the CEO and our offshore international marketing team.

Additional requirements

National Police Certificate *.

Good computer and communication skills.

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

As a volunteer, your time and commitment is solely up to you. Generally speaking, volunteering Australia recommends no more than 15 hours per week is said to be a fair and reasonable contribution. As Oceans' Harmony intends to reimburse volunteers by way of percentage of funds raised, may result in the volunteer wanting to participate further.

Suitable for
  • Online & Remote Volunteers
  • People with disability
  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Work Experience
Type of work
  • Fundraising & Events
  • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Research, Policy & Analysis

We expect that you are already skilled in this environment and we will support you with ongoing training and knowledge of Oceans' Harmony and our goals.


As a Grant Writer, you will be rewarded by way of percentage of grants approved.