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Animal Ethics Committee - All Category Members

Animal Welfare Regular - more than 6 months Casuarina NT

About this opportunity

The CDU AEC meets eight times every year, and also undertakes a number of inspections of animal facilities and research projects. The AEC also undertakes a number of inspections of animal facilities. These facilities are in various locations; occasionally AEC members may be requested to attend inspections. In the event that AEC members are requested to attend a facility inspection, all costs will be covered by CDU.

As a member of the AEC, you should be prepared to devote about 10-12 hours per month to committee duties, including but not limited to attending AEC meetings; assessing new project applications, project reports, project notifications and amendment requests; project facility and site inspections; review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as any other animal welfare related matters. Membership of the AEC is a rewarding experience and members have the ability to contribute to furthering knowledge and improving animal welfare and the environment of the Northern Territory.

Category A member A person with qualifications in veterinary science and with experience relevant to the activities of the institution.

Category B member A suitably qualified person with substantial recent experience in the use of animals in scientific or teaching activities. This usually entails the possession of a higher degree in research.

Category C member A person with demonstrable commitment to and established experience in furthering the welfare of animals. This person is not employed by or otherwise associated with the institution, and is not involved in the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

Category D member A person who is both independent of the institution and who has never been involved in the use of animals in scientific or teaching activities, either in their employment or beyond their under-graduate education. Category D members should be viewed by the wider community as bringing a completely independent view to the AEC and must not fit the requirements of any other category.

For more information, visit CDU website > research-and-innovation > industry-collaboration > animal-ethics

If you are interested in being a part of the AEC and meet the above criteria, please email a brief cover letter and resume to the Research Integrity and Ethics Team at the email listed below

Additional requirements

Please Note:
* During the Covid-19 pandemics, organisations should be providing all necessary Covid-19 safety protection measures for volunteers following the advice of both the Sate or Territory Governments and the Federal Government. Your safety and wellbeing is your priority. Familiarise yourself with the most up-to-date requirements and advice from the Australian and NT and SA State Governments.
* As each organisation provides different levels/types of insurance, volunteers are reminded to check with the organisation as to the type of insurance provided for volunteers (e.g. Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance).
* Best practice volunteer involvement recommends that a volunteer role should not be more than 15-16 hours per week.

Time Required

The CDU AEC meets eight times every year. As a member of the AEC, you should be prepared to devote about 10-12 hours per meeting to committee duties. This includes reviews prior to the meeting and attendance of the meeting which run approximately 3 to 5 hours

Type of work
  • Education & Training
  • Working with Animals