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2021 ADOPT-A-SPOT Litter Retrieval Operative - Hedland

Environment & Conservation One off - a few hours Across: Port Hedland WA, South Hedland WA

About this opportunity

Being an ADOPT-A-SPOT Litter Retrieval Operative is a rewarding voluntary occupation producing a litter-free environment for animals, birds, reptiles and humans to enjoy!

Meeting at pre-arranged street venues, operatives use specialised equipment to source and retrieve accumulated litter, consolidating recyclable material and evaluating landfill function and suitability. Areas tasked are often perused by regular traffic who congratulate volunteers mentally and audibly on their retrieval skills and the tidy and beautiful final result. Some volunteers are attracted to the role to set an example and demonstrate to their children the importance of giving back to their community and their local environment without monetary reward.

This project appeals to the environmentally conscious and community-minded volunteer who prefers outdoor adventures and has some physical endurance to work for one hour on a Saturday morning, from 7.00am-8.00am.

Dates for 2021 Adopt-a-Spot Operatives are as follows: Adopt-A-Spot Hamilton Road

  • 20 February (Brick Entry End)
  • 20 March (Shoata Rd Turnoff)
  • 17 April (Corner North Circular Road)
  • 15 May (Shoata Rd Turnoff)
  • 19 June (Brick Entry End)
  • 17 July (Shoata Rd Turnoff)
  • 21 August (Corner North Circular Road)
  • 16 October (Brick Entry End)
  • 20 November (Shoata Rd Turnoff)

Adopt-a-Spot Port/South Road

  • 13 February (Opp Boulevard Shopping Centre)
  • 13 March (Cycleway on Shell Roadhouse side)
  • 10 April (Cemetary to Wallwork Bridge)
  • 8 May (Airport Boundary from Puma Fuel)
  • 12 June (Six Mile (Grey St) turnoff)
  • 10 July (Opp Boulevard Shopping Centre)
  • 14 August (Cycleway on Shell Roadhouse side)
  • 11 September (Cemetary to Wallwork Bridge)
  • 13 November (Airport Boundary from Puma Fuel)

Time Required

This program runs monthly from 7.00am-8.00am on a Saturday morning. Volunteers are welcome to attend on any dates that suit.

Suitable for
  • Families with Children
  • Groups of 10 or more
  • People Learning English
  • Travelling Volunteers
  • Younger volunteers, aged 14-18
Type of work
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Sport & Physical Activity

Basic training in recyclable materials, landfill suitability and environmental sustainability