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About Frankston North Community Centre

*NOTE* - all individuals volunteering with Frankston City Council must be fully vaccinated and willing to provide documented proof of status unless an exemption applies.

Frankston North Community Centre (FNCC) is committed to creating a vibrant, fun, safe, inclusive, resourceful place for Frankston North.

As a managed Frankston Council centre, we are committed to talking to residents, groups, schools and organisations about what they want out of their centre. From those conversations we have begun to add programs and activities that reflect what people are telling us they want and we will continue to add more as resources and opportunities develop.

FNCC offers a range of programs and activities for all ages including education, computers, children’s activities, recreation activities, support groups and information to local resources. The volunteer program is just beginning with the vision to provide volunteer opportunities in a wide variety of activities as they develop at the centre.


26 Mahogany Avenue
Frankston North VIC 3200

[email protected]

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