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About Future Foundations Limited

Future Foundations make a profound difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people and their communities through an integrated creative art program. The program incorporates creative and personal mentoring that supports children to improve their self-esteem, resilience, academic achievements and future realities.

Our aim is to help young people understand that their thoughts can become realities with the right support and that the only limitation to a person’s future is their belief in self to take on those opportunities.

This unique program will partner with local schools, youth agencies, the arts and the business community adopting a mentoring approach for each young person, encompassing group art mentoring and ‘one on one’ mentoring with a business partner. The key focus of our programs is to provide our participants with the opportunity to develop cultural / artistic skills, strengthen social connections and enhance life skills e.g. improve self-esteem and develop resilience.


33 May Street
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

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