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About The Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Project (formerly The Australian Orangutan Project) supports many orangutan conservation organizations.TOP is a non profit organisation staffed by volunteers to raise funds and collect donations for Orangutan Conservation and habitat protection. Other than part-time administrative support, there are no salaries paid to TOP volunteers whose services are donated. Therefore a very high percentage of your donations go straight to organisations involved in the active welfare of Orangutans and on habitat protection.

The Orangutan Project has grown from approx. $70k p/a in 2000 to in excess of $2m in 2015/2016 - making it the equal no. 1 orangutan conservation organisation in the world. This success is a tribute to dedication of volunteers and organisation structure and management.

" To ensure the survival of both Sumatran and Bornean orangutan species in their natural habitat and promote the welfare of all orangutans “


PO Box 1414
South Perth WA 6151

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