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About The Ethics Centre

The Ethics Centre is an independent not-for-profit organisation that has been working for over 25 years to help people navigate the complexity and uncertainty of difficult ethical issues.

We deliver innovative programs, services and experiences, designed to bring ethics to the centre of professional and personal life, and align actions with values and principles.

Our free ethics helpline, Ethi-call, provides a confidential and safe space for people to explore ethical challenges and seek support to make sound, ethical decisions. Our professional services team design and deliver services, provide progressive advice and practical support to develop ethical capabilities at the individual, organisation and industry levels. These services guide people through highly sensitive and difficult decisions, from tailored ethics guidance to military personnel being deployed overseas, to advising leaders in some of Australia’s largest companies.

Our online content and events – including the IQ2 debate series and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas – take ethics to the wider community and encourage rich dialogue and healthy debate about complex ethical issues that are on the collective mind. Throughout our 25 year history we have also established major social impact initiatives such as Primary Ethics and the Banking & Finance Oath, which are now standalone entities.

We remain the only organisation in the world providing practical guidance on complex ethical issues across all levels of society. Within communities and across continents, we work with individuals and families, organisations and industries, militaries and governments, to help people embed ethics at the centre of their choices and actions.

The world is shaped by these choices. By learning to navigate and recover from the most distressing ethical problems, individuals and organisations acquire the insights and tools to make ethical decisions throughout their daily lives. In this way, our work goes beyond relieving the symptoms of ethical failure – we also help to prevent its causes, empowering people to shape our world for the better.


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