Swan City Youth Service

Midland, WA Young People

About Swan City Youth Service

The Vision and Mission of SCYS is incorporated within
all areas of its service delivery. With no minimum
eligibility requirement other than age (12-25yrs) an
inclusive, accessible, non-judgemental environment
which is that is safe and supportive ALL young people
is created. For more than 20 years we have delivered
in partnership with Midland TAFE, a CGEA
programme for disengaged young people. The CGEA
II is the equivalent of a year 10 certificate and is the
minimum requirement for any further study,
traineeship, apprenticeship or entry into the Defence
Force. Whilst SCYS does not charge for any service or
programme that is run at the Centre, there are fees
payable to NM TAFE to cover resource fees and whilst
the fees are low, unfortunately some of the young
people that attend our service and this course, are
from lower socio-economic backgrounds and paying
the fees is beyond the families means and the young
person is unable to attend or will drop out, leading to
further generational welfare


12 Padbury Tce
Midland WA 6056

Local VRC: City of Swan - Swan Volunteer Resource Centre