About Pride in Peel

Support group for the LGBTQIA+ community in the Peel region.
Our mission is to be agents of change to create a safe, diverse, welcoming and inclusive
community for LGBITQA+ in the Peel Region.
1. To provide opportunity for LGBTIQ individuals and groups to use Pride in Peel as a statement
of pride and to promote a broader message of diversity and acceptance within the Peel
2. To bring the LGBTIQ community together in one place to embrace our sexual diversities.
3. To increase visitation from Peel’s regional community.
4. To provide resources and opportunities to our community for creative and political
5. To embrace individuals and groups from the broader community who share our vision
6. To constantly improve creativity and production values on our events, including bringing
Perth’s best entertainers and faces to Mandurah
7. To encourage tourism to Mandurah and the surrounding regions
8. To increase community engagement with local businesses


110 Mandurah Terrace
Mandurah WA 6210

Local VRC: Peel Volunteer Resource Centre Inc.