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About Endometriosis Western Australia Incorporated

Please describe your purpose, programs/services and how you involve volunteers:
Our vision: To provide people affected by endometriosis, including their family and carers, with access to the best quality information, care, support and understanding.
• Provide accurate and up to date information on endometriosis to help with diagnosis and management.
• Coordinate support group events – opportunity for members to connect and feel safe in person and online (Facebook).
• Coordinate information sessions – inviting allied health professionals to present to members.
• Training of support group facilitators and volunteers.
• Assisting with research – promoting studies they can participate in.
Our organization is completely volunteer driven – our board members, Facebook moderators, social media posters and event facilitators.


PO Box 711
Cloverdale WA 6985

Local VRC: Volunteering WA