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About Regional Education Support Network

Regional Education Support Network (RESN) is a not-for-profit student network that offers rural and regional students free educational support. We have now provided over 2000 students in New South Wales and Victoria with our full suite of academic support services including responding to questions submitted by students online, holding virtual tutoring sessions, providing study resources and delivering seminars- all for FREE!

We are now recruiting for a whole range of roles across our different portfolios. We are looking for uni students who want to genuinely change lives in regional communities by bridging the educational gap through provision of an array of invaluable resources.

Here's a list of the reasons why we think you should join us:
- You will be given opportunities to put your stamp on RESN, to really bring about meaningful change and help us to grow our organisation to be as powerful as it can be
- You will be working alongside an awesome and diverse range of uni students and spending your time doing something that will leave a lasting impact on others
- You will have professional development opportunities including our Networking Events and Skills Workshops to help you to build up job-ready skills that will prove invaluable as your time at uni draws to a close


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