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About Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc

Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy Inc (ASCA) Inc is an independent not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting and representing those affected by Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in Australia. We are a registered charity with a deductible gift recipient certificate (DGR Status).

Since inception, we have provided support to families and individuals of African and other culturally diverse backgrounds that are affected by sickle cell disease. this support is provided in Victoria and other Australian states and territories via other chapters and representatives. SCD is classified as a rare disease and currently, over 1,000 Australians are estimated to be living with the disease. Our vision is to reduce the impact of SCD on the patients, their families, and carers.

We provide a range of highly valued support services including comprehensive patient information as well as emotional and practical support. We facilitate vital peer to peer connections, co-ordinate a range of support groups nationally and advocate for those affected by SCD on issues such as access to treatments and improved patient services.


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