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About Co.As.It. Community Services

Co.As.It. is a charitable organization that treats its clients as extended family members, an ethos that is part of our culture, our heritage, and our development. Our trained and qualified staff have a richness of life experience with many different linguistic and cultural competencies and above all, a genuine sense of caring about others.

This is our difference, we are family. Through true dedication, we have excelled in delivering innovative and exceptional human and health services for over 40 years and we have received a number of industry awards that recognise this excellence. In the past 40 years we have learned that people want to live life with passion, with vigour, and with a sense of belonging; they want to experience life in many facets and we have been right by their side.

We have stood beside them with sorrow at their grief, with joy at their achievements, and with encouragement during their disappointments - just like a family would. Caring for people isn’t a job - it’s our mission in life and we excel at it.


35 Dover Street
Albion QLD 4010

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