Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre Ltd

Kingsgrove, NSW Community Services

About Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre Ltd

Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre Inc is a community based locally managed community centre committed to identifying and responding to emerging needs in the local community. We have special consideration for the socially economically, physically and linguistically disadvantaged.

As a not for profit organisation funded by a range of government agencies we hold no affiliation with either political parties of religious organisations and we provide our services in a non-discriminatory manner.

Our way of working is caring, inclusive and participatory; we respond flexibly to meet the diverse needs of the wide range of community members we serve. We are located in a culturally diverse community and pride ourselves on our capacity to work sensitively and effectively with different cultural groups in our area who include Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Macedonian, Nepali, Indian and English speakers among others. We also work respectfully with Aboriginal community members.


30 Morgan Street
Kingsgrove NSW 2208

Local VRC: The Centre for Volunteering