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About T.A.R.P. Travellers Assisting Rural People

T.A.R.P. (Travellers Assisting Rural People) is a not for profit charity organisation registered Australia wide with ACNC.

T.A.R.P.’s aim is to assist our Australian farmers and their communities either after natural disasters or in time of personnel hardship. We are like minded people that travel to small outback towns and help with community projects – painting, gardening or assisting the elderly or families that could need a hand for a short time because of difficult times. Other volunteers, mainly couples go out and stay on properties working alongside the farmer helping them with their everyday chores, while the women usually stay and help around the house with cooking, gardening or other odd jobs and be a companion to the wife while living on the station.

After natural disasters or illness, often many people in these country areas find it difficult to get help as their families move away because of work or other commitments, this can leave no other option but to employ someone and many aren’t in a financial position to do so. These days we seem to be experiencing more hardships, whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically. Through these long droughts that seem to never end, does take its toll on a family in so many ways and each person having their own thoughts and concerns about what to do. We volunteers can’t change anything financially or physically but emotionally we can make a difference by just being there either in the township or on the properties and helping these people wherever possible. Sometimes it can be just sitting and listening at the end of a days work.

Our aim, is to put a smile on as many faces as we can. So if you feel you would like to be a part of this organization helping to make a difference to these rural peoples lives apply today. “We are all in this together”.

T.A.R.P. – “Travellers Assisting Rural People
“We are in this together for our farmers, volunteers and our communities”


L9 Nishi Building 2 Phillip Law Street
Canberra ACT 2600

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Local VRC: GoVolunteer