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About Paws & Brooks Nature Sanctuary Inc

Paws & Brooks Nature Sanctuary Inc (PBNS) is a not-for-profit incorporated association. The principle purpose of the association is the rehabilitation of orphaned, sick or injured animals. We seek dedicated and committed volunteers with a passion for caring for animals.

Your involvement may range from providing transport for wildlife, rescuing wildlife and/or caring for wildlife, depending on your available time, financial resources and your resilience in dealing with sick and or injured wildlife.

A recommended starting point for volunteering with wildlife is to become a volunteer driver/transporter. We require volunteer drivers/transporters in the wider Brisbane area to transport sick, injured or orphaned animals.

Transport jobs are disseminated to our database of volunteer drivers via text messaging. Volunteers are not committed to undertake transport jobs when they are not available, no questions asked.

PBNS also undertakes land rehabilitation projects and requires volunteers to help with prep work and tree planting for a koala habitat which is located near Hatton Vale.


Powis Place
Carindale QLD 4152

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