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About Jesuran Welfare Services

The Jesuran Welfare Services is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for -profits Commission (ACNC). We have established a humanitarian Asylum seeker and Refugee Support Centre (Jesuran Wellness Centre -May 2015) which is the welfare arm of the Jesuran group of entities.
We are offering a range of amenities and services to engage these wounded , traumatized people, primarily devoted to social and community welfare, development, rehabilitation to equip refugees, Asylum seekers from Multicultural backgrounds. The programmes are designed to make the new migrants adapt and acclimatise to life in Australia.
Its main goals are :
- Demonstrate mercy , compassion & unconditional love - Mental Stability.
- Every refugee has multiple soul wounds, trauma and much brokenness. Spiritual guidance will be provided if the desire is to find peace through a higher power - Spiritual stability.
- Utilise Skilling/ rehabilitation / counselling programmes to build up the fallen human psyche - Social Stability
- Network volunteer medical/Medicare local links to offer- Physical stability
- Centre to Pathways to Hope - Community Stability.
We offer all of these absolutely free depending on donations and grants for financial viability.
- In 2016 we empowered a few women in the Sri Lankan community to commence a catering business of their own. We are about to launch a recipe book compiling their tantalising recipes.
- Currently we are about to commence empowering a Burmese women's group.
The Jesuran Wellness Centre will be Sanctuary of all of the above and a symbol of practical ministries, services and programmes , that will mend broken souls, lift lives back on the road from the way side, give life anew and begin to transform lives with light and love.


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