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Our iconic and community led Bicycle Recycle Shed (AKA The Bike Shed) is a member led organisation. It has grown from the idea to use the surplus bicycles with the involvement from Brunswick and Northcote BUGs Bicycle User groups), and has moved from it’s early days in Northcote kindergarden to it’s current location at the CERES Environmental Park in East Brunswick.

With its iconic arch of wheels (the dome) and the shed itself, The Bike Shed has become synonymous with CERES and is a major contributor to the visitor numbers. A team of volunteers enables The Bike Shed to run weekends year round. On busy summer days we can see in excess of thirty members all fixing, tuning or building bikes. This Bike Shed is a valuable enterprise for the community and completely member/volunteer run.


Lee Street
Brunswick VIC 3056

Local VRC: GoVolunteer