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St Francis Xavier Primary School

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About St Francis Xavier Primary School

St Francis Xavier Primary School is an outstanding co-educational Catholic school offering 3 Year old to Year 6 primary education located in the heart of Geraldton.
Every student at St Francis Xavier is part of a supportive community, where they will be equipped to realise their purpose and potential. Our staff celebrates the uniqueness of all children and are united in their mission to inspire students to grow and learn.

School Vision Statement
We are called to provide an exemplary Catholic Education
• Discipleship: With Christ as our light we aspire to nurture the whole person in a community centred on Gospel values.
• Learning: We are committed to providing an education that empowers all to become life-long learners.
School Values
• COMPASSION - We show Compassion by:
~ Accepting our own gifts.
~ Helping, giving, comforting and encouraging.
~ Showing care for our school both inside and out.
• HONESTY – We show Honesty by:
~ Taking responsibility for our own actions.
~ Speaking up for what is right.
~ Considering our carbon footprint.
• RESPECT – We show Respect by:
~ Taking pride in our self and what we do.
~ Treating others as you would like to be treated.
~ Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment.
• INCLUSIVITY - We show Inclusivity by:
~ Taking advantages of opportunities to become involved.
~ Including others in all you do.
~ Being friendly and caring to others.
• SELF CONTROL – We show Self Control by:
~ Taking time to plan before you act or speak.
~ Being aware of situations and how others might be feeling.
~ Taking time to consider our actions and their impact.


5 Maitland Street
Geraldton WA 6530

Local VRC: Centacare Volunteer Service