About Townsville Hospital & Health Service

The Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) is a public health organisation providing health services to approximately 700,000 people, covering remote, rural and regional communities. Services are delivered in the community, residential settings and hospitals, the
largest being the Townsville University Hospital (TUH). The TUH is also a tertiary facility providing care to people of North Queensland, from Mackay to the Cape.

The THHS works closely with people who have had previous healthcare experiences and other interested community members to understand their perspectives, priorities, ideas and concerns about local healthcare.
As a result, healthcare becomes easier, provides a better experience and achieves better health outcomes for the community.

To do this we need volunteers from the community who can provide their experiences and have a say. We are looking for volunteers from different age groups, cultures, areas and experiences to join us.

To find out more see our Consumer and Community Engagement webpage.


100 Angus Smith Drive
Douglas QLD 4814

Local VRC: Volunteering North Queensland (VNQ)