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About Prahran Cricket Club

Prahran Cricket Club (PCC) is a not for profit sporting club competing in the Premier Cricket competition in Victoria - the highest level in the state. PCC is a proud club with a long history, having been established in 1879. It currently has 4 male and 3 female teams - the female players being integrated into the club in 2014.

We are about to implement our 3 year strategic plan which is very exciting, and includes a focus on a strong club culture and being a fully integrated and inclusive club. Our vision is to be the club of choice in Premier Cricket.

As with any community based sporting club the volunteers are critical and it would be amazing to have more involved. This may include volunteering for specific events (like Maddie's Shield) or ongoing during the season (writing media content and social media updates, being a team manager, a scorer, helping with the food and drinks for the players etc.).

PCC has players involved in Australian, State and W/BBL teams as well as developing players and we want to build on the foundations to be the club of choice on and off the field. We would love to hear from amazing volunteers who want to become involved.


580 Orrong Road
Armadale VIC 3143

[email protected]

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