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About The Pyjama Foundation Townsville

The Pyjama Foundation is committed to changing the educational future of children in the foster care system and to therefore change the direction of their life path. The Pyjama Foundation trains committed volunteers from the community to mentor a foster child in the foster home on a weekly basis. The volunteers meet with the children weekly to read, tutor and implement educational play, while offering a safe and trusted friendship. The program was initially based on the empirically proven impact of a simple activity that most take for granted - having books read to them. The program has now expanded into numeracy and a variety of life skills, socialization and life mentoring. The volunteers deliver a specifically designed literacy and numeracy model which encapsulates the theory of making learning fun.
The volunteers have access to specific books, puzzles and educational games which they take out and share with the children. The aims of the program also include broadening the child’s support networks and providing relief and support for the children’s foster carers. We are providing an effective community approach to teaching and protecting the vulnerable and disadvantaged children. This approach is to facilitate, not just educational support, but the nurturing of a meaningful relationship.


210 Ross River Rd, (End of Steps Employment building)
Aitkenvale QLD 4814

Local VRC: Volunteering North Queensland (VNQ)