Mater Private Hospital Townsville

About Mater Private Hospital Townsville

Mater has proudly supported our North Queensland community for more than 70 years, providing medical excellence and specialist services, backed by a commitment to patient-centred care in the Mercy tradition.
Offering 200 beds across our Pimlico and Hyde Park Campuses, we are a leading contemporary medical facility, including dedicated Women’s, and Children’s Units and an Emergency Department.
Our volunteers contribute their unique skills and life experience across all areas of the organisation including our Hospitals and Non-Clinical Departments. The Volunteer Program has more than 60 dedicated Volunteers who work at both Campuses.
Volunteers are committed to enhancing the Hospital experience for patients and their families. Mater Private Hospital Townsville Volunteers give more than 1000 hours each month, are managed by a Volunteer Coordinator.


27-37 Fulham Road
Pimlico QLD 4812

Local VRC: Volunteering North Queensland (VNQ)