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The Manjimup Community Garden
is a social place which brings people together and grows community
~ spirit ~
The MCG is open to the public, including visitors to the Manjimup Timber & Heritage Park. Whilst individuals, families and organisations may become financial members of the MCG, there are no barriers to any person visiting and enjoying the Garden.
The MCG is a genuine community garden for everyone in the Manjimup community, including community groups and organisations. It is a place where all are welcome and encouraged to participate.
The MCG is a place that brings people together to learn, socialise and improve or maintain wellbeing. The MCG will enable people to:
? Meet people, develop friendships and learn skills in a social, fun and friendly environment
? Learn about organics, efficient water use, composting, seed collecting, seed raising, potting, propagation, organic pest and weed control, mulching etc
? Become more healthy through gardening, by being more active and learning about nutritional food
? Share knowledge across cultures and generations
? Access training opportunities for relatively low or no cost
Key objectives contained in the MGG Management Plan 2011 include:
• Opening to use by and/or visitation by schools,
• Offering workshops to the public,
• Making the garden available to others to provide educational services, and
• Access and inclusion
The key goal of the MCG is to be a social place which brings people together and builds community spirit, though engaging in gardening and related activities.
The MCG is a place where communities and local government can work together to demonstrate social and environmental policy compatible with the aims of community gardening, such as:
? Waste reduction
? Water conservation
? Water recycling
? Energy efficiency
? Biodiversity
? Re-greening
? Nutritional health
? Community pride and resilience
? Promotion of the 'Southern Forests Food Bowl' to visitors
? Partnerships with local social, support and educational organisations (eg. HACC, 'STRIVE Warren Blackwood, schools)
Preservation of the natural heritage of Manjimup (ie. display of indigenous 'bush tucker' and preservation of species prominent in our agricultural history


C/O MCRC 45 Rose Street
Manjimup WA 6258

Local VRC: Manjimup Community Resource Centre