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About Crossroads Community Care Centre Inc

Crossroads is a life raft for the needy in the sea of perceived affluence that is the Sutherland shire. Crossroads provides help, support, guidance, information, referrals and counselling for some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including women and children victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, those with mental health issues, self-harm and addictive behaviours, those with relatives who abuse alcohol, and those with eating disorders, as well as persons suffering depression, social isolation and the effects of personal trauma. Crossroads helps those experiencing these problems and more. Crossroads so often gives those in dire straits and in despair the hope, the encouragement and the means to turn their lives around permanently and for the better.

Crossroads currently consists of 37 members, a 10-member governing committee and three part-time staff, as well as supporters and volunteers—six of whom provide regular reception, support and clerical assistance. Around 83 per cent of funding is provided by the Department of Community Services. Crossroads works with 130 different services to deliver positive outcomes for its clients and makes the most effective use of its resources. These services include accommodation, violence prevention and support as well as aged care, employment and mental health services. Last year Crossroads provided 9,026 information and referral services and 757 personal support services for shire residents. It also provided emergency financial assistance to 284 persons as well as 266 counselling sessions for individuals and families in crisis. These included matters involving neglect, child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide and mental health—as well as issues involving parenting and grief.


Shop 5, Crn Kiora Rd & Kiora Ln
Miranda NSW 2228

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