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Volunteer with children In hospital - Fiona Stanley

Health Regular - more than 6 months Murdoch WA

About this opportunity

Radio Lollipop is a children’s organisation that provides care, comfort, play and entertainment to children in hospital to create a haven of normality. We believe in the healing power of play, and our wonderful volunteers continuously provide smiles and laughter to children at a time when they need it most! Our aim every shift is to simply add a little bit of fun into a child's stay and help brighten their road to recovery. After all, our motto is " Lots of Love and Laughter In Place Of Pain "!

Do you: • Like working with children and putting a smile on a child’s face? • Like playing games, chatting, painting, making jokes, blowing bubbles? • Want to make amazing friends and be a part of a terrific team? • Want to laugh AND give back at the same time?

Each Radio Lollipop Volunteer has a commitment to provide 2.5 hours per week of interactive play with children. Each hospital has their own tremendous "toolbox" of activities to choose from including games, craft, bubbles, toys, colouring-in, and the ability to interact with our own broadcast radio. Our volunteer-run station has a unique child-orientated programme of interactive competitions, music, stories and games and allows for children at all of our operating satellite sites the chance to call in and join in on the fun!

Our Satellite hospitals are an important and integral part of Radio Lollipop, with each hospital providing their own unique experience to their volunteers. At Fiona Stanley, volunteers have the opportunity to visit both the children's ward and emergency department, and utilise the wards amazing play-room for group games! The Fabulous Fiona Stanley team are indeed a fabulous bunch to work with, and often collaborate with the Murdoch team for amazing catch-ups.

What qualities should a potential Volunteer be able to demonstrate?

  • An enthusiastic, positive and outgoing personality;
  • An interest in playing with children, of all ages, in an interactive way;
  • An understanding of the benefits that constructive play can provide for a sick child and their siblings;
  • The ability to be a dependable team player, to communicate regularly with their team leader, and work within a diverse team;
  • An appreciation of the need and ability to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity whilst within and without a hospital;
  • The ability to meet the requirement to provide 2.5 hours of voluntary play each week and one fun extra activity a yearl; and
  • The ability to commit towards the organisation for at least one year.

Once appointed what might a Radio Lollipop Volunteer be expected to do?

  • Attend the compulsory induction and training programme;
  • Join a ward-based team and observe / participate in the play activities / games and competitions agreed as for the 2.5-hour shift; a
  • Participate in one extra activity per year (Roadshows, Fundraisers, Crafternoons, Admin help etc...); and
  • Hand out prizes to winners of competitions (and those who deserve to be winners!)

Non-essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist with training for new team members;
  • Assist with fundraising efforts to support the Radio Lollipop programming efforts; and
  • Attend workshops and training sessions.

Volunteers, after being with the organisation for a certain amount of time, also have the ability to assume leadership roles within their assigned team, or join the local Station Management team and thus gain valuable management skills applicable to roles outside the charity.

Radio Lollipop Volunteers have a great deal of fun providing a valuable service to sick children and their families. The reward of seeing a quiet, withdrawn child return to a confident, happy child is immense and is something that our Volunteers experience on a regular basis.

If you would like to know more about Radio Lollipop, you can search us online or search @radiolollipop on Facebook and Twitter.

Additional requirements

Heavy Lifting . Medical Check *. Working with Children Check *.

18 years of age or older; enjoy working with children of all ages; have a sense of fun, be sensitive to the abilities and needs of children and their families in hospital and be able to commit to two hours ward of visiting once a week for at least 12 months.

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

Mon - Fri 5.30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.

Suitable for
  • Wheelchair Access
Type of work
  • Arts, Craft & Photography
  • Childcare
  • Music & Entertainment

Information sessions, Interviews followed by an Introduction (1 day). Buddied on wards for 6 weeks.