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Small Website updates for big impact using Wordpress / Google Analytics

Climate Strategy Regular - less than 6 months Anywhere

About this opportunity

The Community Energy Zone project has been accepted by Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Governments Advanced Queesland innovation branch as part of a program to address a "Must Win Battle"

We are just about to lauch a national portal for Climate Action Nurses.

We hope you will come on board to help us by helping us get this next stage inplace. You will be helping to support and advance communities right around Australia.

ACA is what is known as a Backbone organisation. We are a charity that brings together many parts of a community to do good. Much of this good is centred around health, sustainable energy and community development.

At ACA we're on a mission to get our messages out to the community to reflect the good work being done by our team at ACA - we need YOUR expertise to help us soar. We're seeking an enthusiastic volunteer who can take the content that has been created by our work and turn that content into the positive stories that result from our efforts.

What's in it for you, you ask? Well, buckle up, because here's the scoop on all the fantastic perks:

✅ Get involved with a leading edge renewable energy project

💼 Boost Your Resume: Looking to beef up your professional portfolio? This is your golden opportunity. Gain valuable experience in web presentation and concise presentation of content providing a clear portrayal of the successes of ACA. Employers will be impressed by the excellence of your writing prowess.

🌈 Be Part of a Dynamic Team: Join a group of passionate individuals who share a common goal: supporting our local communities. Collaborate, learn from each other, and make meaningful connections.

🌟 Flexibility Galore: We understand that life happens, and your volunteer work shouldn't get in the way. Set your own schedule and work remotely or onsite. You're the master of your volunteer destiny!

🎉 Feel-Good Vibes: Ahh, the joy of giving back! By lending us your creative expertise, you'll be making a real impact on ACA's effectiveness and community awareness.

🏆 Perks and Recognition: We appreciate our volunteers and their outstanding contributions. Expect shout-outs, virtual high-fives and waves of gratitude to keep those smiles wide and spirits high!

📣 Ready to join the ACA revolution? Here's what we're looking for:

✅ Outstanding writing skills: You know how to turn a phrase into an image in a reader’s mind !! A bit or a lot !!. You're comfortable with taken existing content written or in photos and turning that into something someone wants to know more about.

✅ Attention to Detail: You have an eagle eye for accuracy. Ensuring the messages created are true to the values and intentions of ACA.

✅ Problem-Solver Extraordinaire: When challenges arise, you don't panic; you rise to the occasion! Finding the right words for that circumstance is what you excel in.

✅ If you would like to see improved health outcomes for local people that includes consideration of social elements that impact health like housing, employment and education we want you on board! Virtual Volunteers working remotely/online is no problem for us at all!!

📞 Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to put your creative writing skills to good use and make a real difference. Join us on our quest to share what we are doing today! Drop us a line and tell us a little about your experience in creative content writing. One last thing.....tell your Courageous, Wizard, Super Genius, Cunning Legends friends about us - we are also looking for some Social Media Legends and Masterful Administrators. Let's start flying!!!

Suitable for
  • Centrelink Volunteers
  • Families with Children
  • Online & Remote Volunteers
  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Work Experience
Type of work
  • Administration & Office Management
  • IT & Web Development
  • Writing & Editing

Our development tool has a lot of training inbuilt and we have access to experienced programmers in case you get stuck... but really forms and fields is the main development Work.