ID: 210949

Volunteer Reading Dog Team - Swansea NSW

Education & Training Regular - more than 6 months Swansea NSW

About this opportunity

This role requires you and your dog to visit a school of your choice every week at the same time to sit one-on-one with 5 children to help them learn to read. Story Dogs will provide all the support and training you require. You will be asked to do a Dog Team Assessment with your dog to ensure that your dog is safe around children and that it will not become too stressed in a busy school environment. You do not need any experience in teaching children to read Story Dogs will guide you in how to best help the children.

Additional requirements

Others . Working with Children Check *.

Calm, gentle obedient dog
One morning per week free

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

2 hours on the same day (of your choice) every week, generally in the morning

Type of work
  • Tutoring & Coaching
  • Working with Animals

Story Dog will provide all the necessary training and tools for the role