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About this opportunity

SchoolKits for Congo is a project of Rotary Australia World Community Service, in partnership with a local charity registered in Goma, DRCongo. It provides SchoolKits free of charge to refugee children in Goma, improving access to education and providing employment for single mothers who sew the kits and would otherwise be unable to house and educate their own children. Australian children fundraise for the kits and add a personalised book to the gift. Photos of the recipient children with their gifts are returned to the givers as thanks. Your efforts will give more Australian children the chance to feel empowered, kind and effective, and give more African children encouragement, shelter and access to education.

Time Required

SchoolKit involvement can take just a couple of hours on one school day, or longer, depending on whether your class does fundraising, or partners with a service club for funding. Providing feedback on the best presentation of our multiple options will be much appreciated.

Suitable for
  • Online & Remote Volunteers
  • Skilled Volunteers
Type of work
  • Education & Training