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Film & Video Production Team Member

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About this opportunity

VFX Editor

I currently use Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 to edit audio files for The MYND To MYND Podcast and I’m confident in using the program with video as well, but I’m still pretty inexperienced in Adobe After Effects for creating visual effects that will be needed for these four upcoming TV Commercials. The realm of experience should also be in how to make CGI Images and have experience in using programs to create Computer Generated Imagery which I don’t have.

Casting Director

A few actors will also be needed for these commercials, so I will need someone who loves looking for new talent, and is great with working with people to attract and cast potential actors for the ads.

Sound Designer

The Ads should also sound as good as they look. So it would be great to have a Sound Designer come on board to create some wacky and original sound effects to go with some ads (like some cool sci-fi sounds for the “Chaotic Space Ride” commercial and some creepy demonic sounds for “Mirror Maze”).

Production Designer

We should have good production design for the adverts and short film. If you are interested in designing and crafting a look and atmosphere for a short film and commercials, this is the position you’ve been looking for.


Anyone who likes working with people would be a great fit for this job. A director’s job is to get the actors in character for the situation and make sure the emotional atmosphere is just right for the shot.

Camera Operator

Anyone who is keen to get behind a camera and learn how shots are set up and made should go for this position. A camera that uses interchangeable lenses would be great, so we can have a Director of Photography to manage lenses.

Director Of Photography / Lens Manager

A D.O.Ps job is to construct the look and feel of the shot using camera lenses. So someone who has experience with lenses would be right for this position.


A colourist is someone who digitally alters the colour and hue of a shot in Post Production to nail the emotion and atmosphere of the shot. A colourist should work alongside the VFX Director.


The ads should have some good music too. It would be awesome to have a talented music composer to be on the team, the music would only need to be a minute long for each ad, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Suitable for
  • Online & Remote Volunteers