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Palliative Care Volunteer – Massage Therapist - Concord - #187838

Health Regular - less than 6 months Concord NSW

About this opportunity

Palliative Care support may be offered in the patient’s homes, or in hospital. The volunteer programme is part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes health professionals such as doctors, nurses, bereavement counsellors, occupational therapist and social workers.

ROLE: Volunteers provide supportive care by helping in a variety of ways that may include:

  • Maintaining the Massage therapy equipment and ensuring it is cleaned between clients.

  • Offer massage to primarily patients but if time permits carers

  • Offering and suggesting suitable massages for patients in their rooms

  • Providing companionship to the patient or their primary carer through massage.


  • provide nursing care

  • provide intimate personal care

  • lift the client, although they may assist others to move the client

  • cook meals, although reheating and presenting meals, and preparing drinks is acceptable

  • give advice to clients about their illness, medications or other medical matters

ADMINISTRATION: Volunteers are expected to:

  • Maintain regular contact with the co-ordinator

  • Keep accurate records of visits to clients

EDUCATION & SUPPORT: Volunteers are expected to:

  • Attend ongoing education and support meetings with their peers and the co-ordinator

  • Seek additional support from the co-ordinator if required

  • Continue their own self-led personal development

SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: Volunteers are chosen for their:

  • Qualifications and experience as a Massage Therapist

  • Empathy and understanding

  • Emotional maturity

  • Acceptance of other people’s philosophies, beliefs and values

  • Ability to respect confidentiality

  • Willingness to commit to approximately 4 hours volunteer work each week

  • High level of communication skills

Benefits: Making a difference to the lives of palliative care patients.

Additional requirements

Covid-19 vaccination . National Police Certificate *.

Triple COVID vaccinated and flu shot certificate

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

Flexible to suit volunteer

Type of work
  • Companionship & Social Support
  • Sport & Physical Activity

Mandatory hospital training provided and volunteer will need to be qualified massage therapist