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Deckhands and trainee deckhands for steamers

Museums & Heritage Regular - more than 6 months Rozelle NSW

About this opportunity

This lists the tasks a deckhand or trainee deckhand can expect to help with. What isn't mentioned is the sheer fun of being part of the crew of an 1902 steamer! The camaraderie can't be beat!


  • Your fitness must be adequate to stay alert at all times, move quickly, pull on ropes, climb ladders and lift a weight up to 20 kg
  • Your vision must be adequate to obtain a driver’s licence and read normal print (vision aids acceptable)
  • Your hearing must be adequate to understand shouted instructions in English from a distance of 20 m (hearing aids acceptable)
  • You must speak and understand English
  • You must be open to accepting instructions.

When on the water you will need to:

  • comply with instructions from the Master and Bosun immediately
  • take a shift at the helm under directions from the Master
  • be a lookout when not otherwise occupied
  • help with embarkation and disembarkation of passengers – including gangplank positioning
  • help caterers and hospitality crew load and unload supplies
  • answer passenger questions about vessel and harbour sights
  • carry out emergency procedures: fire, person overboard, abandon ship, medical, anchoring
  • handle ropes for departure and berthing
  • perform a life jacket demonstration
  • take part in polishing and cleaning including deck
  • help removing and replacing covers
  • help installing and removing equipment – eg nav lights, ventilators, fairleads, chairs, shutters
  • update training when required.

Additional requirements

***It is a requirement that you join Sydney Heritage Fleet as a member before you can start work as a volunteer. Current membership rates are: $92 or $81 (concession).

***All new volunteers are also required to attend a Fleet Discovery Day (held monthly).

Time Required

Our steamers might be booked for a cruise at any time – weekdays or weekends – but you will always be given advance notice of bookings and asked to accept or decline a cruise. Maintenance days are usually 0800-1500 Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays

Suitable for
  • Centrelink Volunteers
  • Skilled Volunteers
Type of work
  • Driving & Transportation
  • Tour Guides, Information & Heritage
  • Trades & Maintenance

We provide our own in-house (on-vessel) training. Even if you have never done it before, we can give you the experience, skills and knowledge you will need.