ID: 173455

Social Activities Coordinator

Sport Regular - less than 6 months Canberra ACT

About this opportunity

The role of the social events coordinator is to coordinate the social activities of the club. Ideally the social coordinator would work with the Treasurer to identify the amounts which need to be generated throughout the year.

The social coordinator would “recruit” groups (sub committees) of people to assist in the development and successful implementation of each of the social activities.


Prior to the season:

 Work with the Club Treasurer to accurately set social activities fundraising targets which will be reflected in the club’s budget

 Review the social activities from previous seasons and then determine the social activities for the upcoming season.

 Liaise with the President and Committee to ensure the proposed social activities for the upcoming year reflect the current opinions and preferences of club members and supporters

 Provide the committee with the recommendations for the proposed social activities for the coming year (this should include budgets identifying the proposed revenues and costs for each activity)

 Create the marketing information for each social activity which can be provided to club participants to assist in the promotion of club social activities

 Updated the club website to reflect the social activities for the year.

 Ideally your club will be able to generate social activities revenue directly from the club website (e.g. sell tickets to events via the website)

 Have social media posts created that promote club social activities

 Be the primary point of contact for all social activity enquires

 Ensure the collection of social activity revenues

During the season:

 Review social activities with the Treasurer to ensure the financial targets for social activities has been achieved and if not formulate corrective strategies.

 Be the initial point of contact for any issues or complaints from social activities

Essential Skills and requirements:

 Can communicate effectively

 Strong relationships within the club which allow the formulation of different teams and groups working together on each social activity

 Well organised and can delegate tasks

 Well informed of all organisation activities

 Is aware of the future directions and plans of members and the club

End of year hand over

Updating key documents

At the end of each year a key activity of the Social Activities Coordinator will review and revise their position description to ensure it continues to reflect the requirements of the role.
Ideally the social activities coordinator would document how each social activity was undertaken and include as much information as possible (e.g. which suppliers were involved, processes and procedures)

The updated Position Description and supporting information must be provided to the Club Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting each year.

Additional requirements

Must have Facebook as all of our members seek all information via Facebook events.

Time Required

A few hours every month, including a one-hour online or in-person monthly meeting.

Suitable for
  • People with disability
  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Work Experience
Type of work
  • Companionship & Social Support
  • Fundraising & Events
  • Governance, Boards & Committees
  • Sport & Physical Activity

We are open to discussing training opportunities to assist you in the role


We are open to discussing reimbursement of courses if you complete an agreed minimum term with us