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Human Rights Regular - more than 6 months Buderim QLD

About this opportunity

Being an incorporated organisation, there are a number of important duties:

  1. Keeping the Accounts The treasurer has to be able to account for every dollar that comes in and every dollar that goes out; and make both balance. The treasurer has to be able to say, at any moment, how much money Buddies has available to work with when all debts are paid. In addition, it is important to accrue sufficient funds to meet known and significant future expenses over the coming twelve months.
  2. Systems management The treasurer must ensure that systems are in place governing all regular financial transactions, that people know what these systems are, and that everybody follows them.
  3. Planning The Directors will draw up a strategic plan setting out where Buddies wants to be in the future and sketching a process for getting there. The treasurer needs to be able to attach dollar figures to each stage of the process.
  4. Budgeting Each year, the treasurer needs to try and project expenditure and income for the upcoming twelve months, embodying the assumptions made in generating the plan. Income and expenditure must be closely watched continuously, and the Directors informed of how the reality is following the plan.
  5. Reporting At every Directors’ meeting, the treasurer must attend to report progress to date and signal any known problems. The treasurer needs to be clear that the Directors know enough to understand what is being told to them so that they may make wellinformed decisions.
  6. Fundraising This is not the primary role of the treasurer or even his/her business, but, being the go-to person on money, the treasurer needs to review fundraising plans to check cost-benefit ratios and financial commitments.
  7. Monitoring risk It falls to the treasurer to ensure Buddies general risk management systems and insurance.
  8. Banking Banking is a simple matter as almost all transactions are conducted using bank transfer. In cases where petty cash is used, people pay for the transaction and submit an invoice to the treasurer (approved by a director) and is paid by bank transfer.

Additional requirements

Driver's Licence (C) .

Must have excellent knowledge of Microsoft applications, specifically Excel, Word and Outlook.

Time Required

6 hours alone and 4 hours in meetings per month including. 11am-1pm one Sunday per month.

Suitable for
  • People Learning English
  • Skilled Volunteers
Type of work
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Fundraising & Events

Training will be provided by the facilitator


Out of pocket Expenses etc will be reimbursed. (To be negotiated)