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Breastfeeding Counsellor and/or Community Educator

Health Regular - more than 6 months Applecross WA

About this opportunity

Community Educators are trained volunteers who promote breastfeeding in the community. They hold a current nationally recognised Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education (Community) (or equivalent). They continually update their breastfeeding knowlege and skills through ongoing training. They can be male or female.

Breastfeeding Counsellors provide telephone counselling on the free National Breastfeeding Helpline, email counselling and face-to-face counselling; run local support group meetings in the community; and administer local support groups. Breastfeeding counsellors are not medically trained; are not lactation consultants and do not give medical advice. They also participate in running Breastfeeding Education Classes for expectant parents. They can help at one-off events such as community festivals or help with specific projects and in special interest working groups.

As volunteers, Counsellors and Community Educators have to agree to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics.

Volunteers experience a great deal of personal satisfaction from volunteering. They expand their knowledge by undertaking training provided by the Association. Volunteers work with people who share similar views about breastfeeding and are passionate about breastfeeding promotion and support. They can build very strong connections with each other and enjoy working in a team. An immense sense of accomplishment when helping mothers is also experienced.

Additional requirements

Working with Children Check *.

Volunteers as Breastfeeding Counsellors need to have breastfed at least one baby and have a current Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education Counselling or equivalent. Volunteers as Community Educators need to have a current Certificate iV in Breastfeeding Education or equivalent. They can be male or female.
All training is provided by the Australian Breastfeeding Association with the volunteer being required to pay for registering for the course. The course takes approximately one year to compete during which time trainees are required to attend regularly held trainee meetings and to complete 150 hours of voluntary work.

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

Mornings but days and times are flexible

Type of work
  • Childcare
  • Companionship & Social Support
  • Counselling & Help Line

1028NAT Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education and 10280NAT Certificate in Breastfeeding Educatio