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Finance Auditor/Reviewer for Charity Books

Community Services One off - an event Brisbane City QLD, Melbourne VIC, Canberra ACT

About this opportunity

Audits can be done by:

  • a registered company auditor
  • an audit firm
  • an authorised audit company.

Auditor’s report

Under the ACNC Act, an auditor’s report must:

  • state whether in the auditor’s opinion your charity’s financial report has been prepared correctly under the ACNC Act. If the auditor believes that your charity’s financial report does not meet the requirements of the ACNC Act, they must:
    • explain why
    • where possible, quantify the effect of this on your charity’s financial report or if it is not possible to quantify to explain why.
  • describe any material defect or irregularity in the financial report
  • state any problems in the assistance they received from the charity when conducting the audit, or any issues with the records kept by the charity as identified above, and
  • include any statements or disclosures required by the auditing standards.

The auditor’s report generally includes the following:

  • a title stating that it is an independent audit report, and who it is addressed to – for example, the members of the charity
  • an introduction covering the basics of the engagement and what has been audited
  • a section outlining the governing body’s responsibility for the financial report
  • a section outlining the auditor’s responsibilities
  • the auditor’s opinion of the audit
  • if applicable, a section outlining other reporting responsibilities to other government agencies
  • the date of report, and
  • the auditor’s signature and address.

Additional requirements

Auditor’s independence declaration required.
Your charity must get a signed written declaration from your auditor that states that to the best of the auditor’s knowledge and belief that:
there has been no contraventions of any applicable code of professional conduct in respect of the audit, or
the only contraventions of any applicable code of professional conduct in respect of the audit are those detailed in the declaration.

Time Required

4-5 hours once a year

Suitable for
  • Skilled Volunteers
Type of work
  • Accounting & Finance