ID: 130343

Executive Officer / Operational Manager

Recreation Regular - more than 6 months Perth WA

About this opportunity


Specifically the position is required to:

  • Ensure that HikeWest’s strategic plan is implemented through a Board-approved operational plan;
  • Manage the organisation according to good organisational management practices;
  • Establish effective working groups of keen, contributing volunteers;
  • Drive the promotion of bushwalking/hiking in WA proactively to ensure community engagement and support, including via the WA Hiking Expo, to be delivered by HikeWest in May 2021;
  • Pursue new opportunities to improve quality and diversity of bushwalking in WA;
  • Grow the membership base of HikeWest through marketing and through demonstrated value to its members and other stakeholders;
  • Build an effective sphere of influence for HikeWest through strong partnerships and recognition and respect for HikeWest  as peak body from members, sponsors, other stakeholders;
  • Grow significant non-member funding and ‘in kind’ support via sponsorships and other possible sources to ensure financial sustainability and growth of HikeWest operations.

Prerequisite experience

The EO should preferably have both:

  • organisational management experience,  and
  • some existing knowledge of  matters relevant to bushwalkers and hiking / bushwalking organisations

Key skills & attributes

  • Leadership: able to motivate others and drive the strategic and operational plans
  • Diplomacy: able to amicably work toward constructive solutions
  • Communication: media-savvy, responsive, able to build positive relationships;  extend HikeWest's network
  • Management: admin. & governance skills, organised, and disciplined
  • Ethics: professional, open and accountable
  • Qualities: passion & commitment


The Board at its discretion may provide a small reimbursement to cover approved costs.

Additional requirements

The overriding qualities are enthusiasm and commitment.

Time Required

Several hours per week. Requires commitment.

Suitable for
  • Skilled Volunteers
Type of work
  • Administration & Office Management
  • Fundraising & Events
  • Governance, Boards & Committees
  • Marketing, Media & Communications
  • Sport & Physical Activity

Current President (& Acting Executive Officer) is happy to assist with mentoring and shared duties over a very flexible extended handover period (a few months to a year) or shorter, depending mainly on appointee's prior experience and preference.


HikeWest's Expenses Policy provides for reimbursement of reasonable, pre-approved expenses incurred while carrying out HikeWest business.