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Volunteer Patient – University of Notre Dame – School of Medicine

Health One off - an event Fremantle WA

About this opportunity

We are seeking role players to be a simulated patient in a mock GP setting, comprising of a medical student (who is being assessed and will be the role of a GP), an examiner and a simulated patient -role player. We provide the script for the simulated patient and ask that they are consistent and read the scenario verbatim for up to twelve students in a day with breaks in between. At times the simulated patient (or role player) will be asked to rate the student doctor.

We are seeking volunteers for full days (approximately 8am-4pm) or half days (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm).

All examinations are held at the University of Notre Dame, 38 Henry St Fremantle.

Some things the volunteer should consider if you haven’t been an exam role player before:

The case is a simulated doctor appointment where the role-player is a simulated patient. You will be paired with an experienced examiner and in some instances there will be an additional examiner. From time-to-time (max three times) during the exam, a Quality Assurance examiner will enter the case room to observe, however they are assessing the examiner and will try to stay out of the way so as not to be distracting.

The role player will be simulating the same scenario several times. Each exam candidate will have a turn entering the room to run through the scenario and be assessed on how they performed as a doctor. The scenario would be enacted approximately 12 times. There are breaks during the exam, but you would need to be comfortable doing the same thing repeatedly.

The role players are provided with scripts to work from and will have the opportunity to discuss the case with the examiner at the pre-exam meeting prior to the exam commencing.

If there is a physical examination required, it will not be embarrassing or require any uncomfortable exposure, for example, for female role players it could involve examination of an elbow, shoulder or knee joint and only for male role players, examinations such as chest and stomach regions.

The role player can opt to not to participate in any physical examinations.

We do not provide remuneration for our role players but provide catering through the exam day. We also validate parking so there are no additional costs to the role player. The volunteer hours are recorded by the University as a record of community service.

Additional requirements

No acting experience required, ability to read scenario and stick to script.

Time Required

We are seeking volunteers for full days (approximately 8am-4pm) or half days (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm).

Type of work
  • Education & Training
  • Sport & Physical Activity

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