Assisi Aid Projects

About Assisi Aid Projects

Assisi is an Australian-based aid and humanitarian organisation with a focus on community-based projects in India and Cambodia. Assisi’s vision is for an inclusive and sustainable world by creating equal opportunity for all, to acquire the education, skills and resources necessary to build self-sufficient and prosperous lives.

Assisi has over 25 years experience supporting tangible, practical and self-sustaining initiatives in disadvantaged communities in the Asia, Pacific Region. Assisi projects work to alleviate poverty through initiatives such the establishment of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and Savings Clubs. The SHG model includes diverse functional areas, such as the provision of basic education services, financial literacy, livelihood training and income generation, gender and social inclusion, access to micro-finance, ecotourism, health interventions and WASH education.

We support long term sustainable change through training and education to create a fair and just society with equal opportunity for all. The Assisi approach strengthens people’s own capacity to establish, operate and manage their own development initiatives.


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