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About Ondru

Ondru - Voice through art

Ondru n. one, equality; v. become one with.

Ondru means the place where people and ideas come together and where diversity unites.

Our Purpose

Ondru is a Melbourne-based non-profit humanitarian organisation working towards a more connected, compassionate and equitable society. We use art to provoke thought, evoke feeling and inspire change on issues of social justice. We make people think, feel and act through pioneering art projects that give voice to silent and unheard human stories and express the human condition.

Our projects have touched upon issues and experiences such as identity, displacement, mental health, homelessness, autism, women’s rights and indigenous consciousness using many forms of art including photography, theatre, dance, film, music, sculpture, poetry, digital projections and public art installations.

Our Core Values

Courage: to face challenges with honesty and bravery
Integrity: never compromise on our moral principles
Respect: always treat ourselves and others with dignity and compassion
Community: recognise that we are always more effective together and to strive for the betterment of community
Originality: to be pioneers in our work and to strive for the extraordinary

Our Statement

We will give voice to the tenderness of the human condition. We will give light to issues that exist in the dark. We will create art that will emotionally and intellectually connect people.

Art enables us to reveal the common threads of humanity that we all share, to evoke the senses, to stimulate dialogue. All change begins with an idea, but it grows with people. Our idea is to build a greater understanding of one another and inspire positive social change. Ondru means a place where people and ideas come together and where diversity unites.


Level 8, 225 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

[email protected]

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