Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House/Roarhouse

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About Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House/Roarhouse

Roarhouse is a community based arts initiative which addresses barriers to participation in community arts and culture for those from diverse backgrounds and complex needs, including people living with, or have an experience of, mental illness and disability. Our vibrant live stages, project platforms and our administrative hubs, are the main training venues for community access; social and creative engagement, connection and networks to kickstart their lives or careers as participants, creative makers and or event organisers.

Since 2006, Roarhouse has been connecting and celebrating the artistic merits of all abilities through the arts. By connecting diverse disengaged artists and audience members with their mainstream peers out in the broader community we have increased the number of people living at disadvantage, to get involved, create, experience and or work in the arts.


Crn Liardet & Nott Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

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